How to organize a trip to Vienna

Vienna is often regarded as the jewel of the crown of Central Europe; it is a large and sprawling city that should be the destination par excellence of every tourist. Vienna is the home of the Hapsburg monarchy of the 13th century and more recently it has also become the center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (around the end of the First World War). The traditions of high culture and worldly importance in Vienna are renowned worldwide. The locals prefer to spend the afternoons in one of the hundreds of fine coffees, sipping a rich espresso and enjoying the fabulous Sachertorte (the real chocolate cake). Many of the inhabitants of Vienna work in international organizations such as OPEC and the United Nations. Following will be illustrated how to organize a trip to Vienna.

Documents to take on the road

You start with all the documents in order because to enter the Austrian territory you need a valid identity card for expatriation. To get really proactive, it is better if you bring the magnetic card of the National Health System with you or get the model E111 released by Asl, these documents give the right to assistance in all public hospitals, obviously hoping not to ever use them.

Choose the right time

Choose the ideal period for you to visit the city; of course, you must prepare your suitcase with the appropriate clothes for the chosen period. Vienna is always wonderful to visit, but keep in mind that the months of January and February are the coldest and often the temperature average is around zero. The hottest months, in which Vienna can become a furnace, are June, July, and August, it is advisable to visit the city in autumn, but also to live, albeit with a bit of cold, the magic of Viennese Christmas, during this holiday the city turns, assuming a fairy-like appearance. During the Christmas season, you will find the famous Christmas markets in Vienna, another reason why visiting the city at this time will prove to be a winning idea.

Bring a dictionary

Vienna has no difference in a time zone with Italy since the official currency is the euro you will have to worry about exchanging money before departure. Although the official language is German, the Austrians do not want to be confused with the Germans. It is advisable to provide you with an English language vocabulary, as it is very widespread and certainly simpler than German for people who have not had the opportunity to study it.

How to search for information on the internet?

In general, to choose a destination, you open Google images and you type the name of the city and country – Vienna Austria – followed by tourism, landscape, etc. depending on what you want to see during this trip. You thus vogue images in pictures, discovering the “must see”. But beware, this technique “spoiler”: no more surprises once there – good? If the reality does not correspond to the images you have seen, you may be disappointed use with moderation, then.