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Corporate culture is the spiritual power of enterprise development, personality-based brand management. Liang Meng hardware in the process of growth and development, attaches great importance to and continue to strengthen the building of enterprise culture, establish the following core content of corporate culture with distinct characteristics:

 First, the "customer satisfaction" for business-oriented

 Pursuit and continued to create user the greatest satisfaction is our efforts and put the core objectives pursued. We must firmly establish the concept of service and quality awareness, enhance service quality and level of quality.

 Second, depending on the "learning and innovation" as the core power of enterprise development

 Knowledge quick update, under the new rules to changing economic conditions, to create an efficient and innovative learning team is a fundamental weapon for winning the enterprise market. To full advocacy "as a source of learning, innovation as the first" advantage ideas, and create innovative learning environment and conditions favorable to the concept of innovation as the foundation, and constantly enhance technical innovation, market innovation and management innovation.

 Third, keep the "pioneering spirit" of the corporate mentality

 Under any conditions or any process, always maintain a positive attitude winner of courage, hard work ahead, to the future development of the enterprise and have full confidence and indomitable perseverance.

 Fourth, fully highlight the "rational and pragmatic" style building

 Business is "do" it, not "sit out". Always stressed the principle of action-oriented, enterprises bigger and stronger core strength; fully implement the rational style of doing things, it is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy growth of the enterprise.

 V. highly concerned "Target results" vigorously promote a performance culture

 Successful companies, there must be a successful entrepreneur, the more successful talent groups. Enterprises will be "people-oriented" as an important part of corporate culture, talent is the first resource, is the development of enterprises, the competition in this. Good staff, bringing good products and good service. Brand employees, creating brands. Enterprise is committed to providing every employee broad space for development, to fully exploit its potential, our factory is willing to join each employee to achieve self-ideals and aspirations of their homes. Enterprise talent: selection and virtue, the employer can rely on, because of material and educating people, keep people with affection.

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