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Magnetic separator design background and purpose
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1, magnetic separator design background


According to customer requirements and design combined with the characteristics of the company. Roller-type magnetic separator is the most basic kind of auxiliary machine is with automatic chip conveyor, tank to use, in order to further chip liquid purification, separation and extraction of the chips were in fine crumbs. Similar products on the market by comparison and review, combined with the company's existing equipment and technology for the optimized design and manufacture of certain structures.

2, the magnetic separator is designed to

(1), to further understand the theory of knowledge and the integrated use;

(2) learn to use other advanced SolidWorks 3D design software, to lay the foundation for further research and practical work in the future;

(3), develop research and innovation capacity, capable of thinking on the basis of the existing technology, to be innovative;

(4) the ability to develop their own engineering practice;

(5) to develop their own research and writing skills as well as teamwork.


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