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What rail shield lip seal apparatus main characteristics?
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Current Machine Tool retractable protective cover on behalf of a relative movement of the seal member are mostly screw connection, riveting or other non-removable structure. Commonly used by screw connection required accessories, not only the process of the investigation, but also to relax the reliability is not good. The new rail shield structure is made of stainless steel welded seal on the relative movement of the cover housing, in order to improve anti-permeability spot welds, using a triangular groove fixed O-shaped rubber seal. Polyurethane lip seal, as amended dovetail inserts in stainless steel seal seat. Stainless steel seal seat groove shape after deformation reasonable simulation polyurethane seal design, the sealing strip deformation reasonable, long life, good sealing effect and easy to replace. Stainless steel seal seat hot rolling and cold rolling heterosexual profiles finishing broaching dedicated manufacturing, specialized production, good quality and low cost.


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