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Linear guide is how to dust?
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Also known as linear guide rail line, slide, linear guides, linear slides, linear reciprocating motion for the occasion, with higher rated than the linear bearing load, and can assume certain torque, can achieve high at high load precision linear motion. In mainland China, he said linear guides, Taiwan general said linear guides, linear slides.


Linear guide in the course of often easy to inhalation of dust. Inhalation of dust accumulated in the fixing screw and guide rail surface, so that the service life of linear guides sharply.

1, sealing cap and sealing film to prevent dust and debris into the slider inside. In order to improve dust resistance, in the linear motion systems have a high wear resistance of special synthetic rubber gaskets and wiper ring and other accessories.

2, with protective cover. This greatly accelerates the recommended two types of linear guide shield: folding and telescopic shield plate shield.

Folding shield commonly known as "Paper Tiger." Expansion rate, good dustproof effect, use very extensive. Usually with oil, moisture, cold neoprene or leather, plastic. Such as acid, alkali are made of special material for special purposes.


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