Soundbot SB571 Speaker Review

The Soundbot SB571 is a new and intelligent Bluetooth speaker made for the outdoor lovers who want a crystal clear sounding speaker with deep bass that they can use at their local park, rave or party.

If you’re going for pre-drinks with your friends then you should always bring your SB571 with you. I’ve been to numerous pre-parties where someone’s speaker breaks and we’re all left in a dull musicless setting, completely killing the mood, so remember if you pick up this amazing piece of technology, then make sure you always remember to bring it with you!

soundbot sb571 review

So let’s get into this review. The speaker has 6W + 6W HD loudspeakers, providing you double the power and sound quality. It also comes alongside 40mm premium drivers, so you can easily use this both inside and outside without any issues.

It has a built-in audio line so you can easily connect this to your iPhone, iPod or another mobile device with ease, however, you can also connect them with the Bluetooth functionality, so you can safely keep your phone in your pocket without someone stealing it.

This speaker contains Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, providing you with seamless streaming and 10 hours of playback time. It has a max range of 33 feet, so even if you need to quickly go to the bathroom you won’t have to worry about your music disconnecting.

The design is sleek and fashionable and definitely won’t be getting any weird looks, trust me I’ve owned some other speakers such as the JBL Flip and some others, and my friends have given me the weirdest of looks for the odd design that is on those Bluetooth speakers.

Overall we think this is an amazing speaker, providing deep high-quality sound that will make you and all your friends smile. I’ve looked at some other reviews and found this to be outstanding, for example, has this as one of their top speakers.

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